Dry Skin Problems? 5 Ways to reduce dry skin irritation & itchy skin - BalmNatural

5 Ways to reduce dry skin problems.

At BalmNatural we have put together a list of ways to help reduce your dry skin issues.

  1. Are you showering too much? Over showering can have a big impact on your skin. Causing dry flaky breakouts and skin irritation. Your skin epidermal layer provides a protective shield, reducing water loss and filtering out toxins. Regular showering has a direct impact on the epidermal layer as it struggles to maintain moisture and balance in the skin. Shower in warm water, avoid hot showers and aim for once a day. After bathing use a natural body balm to lock in moisture and nourish the skin. This will help keep the skin soft and hydrated all day. 
  2. Turn the heating dial down. The winter months plays havoc on our skin, especially as we heat our home. Central heating takes the moisture from the air, further impacting dry skin problems. The skin becomes dehydrated. This can be uncomfortable for those with skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Invest in a humidifier if you can, excellent to use at nighttime so your skin can benefit it most as it replenishes itself during this time.
  3. Resist temptation and reduce the wool. Unfortunately wooly scarves and jumpers can irate the skin and can cause inflammation. Fungal infections can occur such as Tinea versicolor. Wear cotton clothing instead so the skin can breathe. 
  4. Make the most of any sunshine. Vitamin D reduces in the winter months as we stay indoors more. Don't forget the sunscreen and protect your skin. The ozone layer is thinner this time of the year, so there are more harmful rays in the atmosphere which can increase sun damage.
  5. Drink plenty of water. Hot chocolate, tea and coffee is not included. Stay hydrated!