What is a Balm?

What is a  Balm?

Well lets get back to basics. A balm is a noun and early records show its mentioned in the old testament as the Balm of Gilead which was a type of perfume / medicinal salve.  In the 13th century middle English they used the term ‘basme and the french baume' to describe a balm. The term Balsam is used to describe a substance extracted from a tree for fragrant or medicinal purposes.  There are countless references regarding balms, including being linked to the mint plant family such as lemon balm and even to Jesus himself but its common benefits is to heal. 

Balms are anhydrous they don't contain any water if they did it would be a cream. Balms are made up with a combination of wax and oils,  melted then cooled to become solid. A softer balm is sometimes referred to as a salve.
You only need to use a small amount of the balm to receive its many benefits.  During contact with the skin and depending on the ingredients used. The Balm will melt then release antioxidants and powerful anti - inflammatory benefits to ease itchiness, skin irritations and reduce the appearance of blemishes, scars or burns and repair skin. 

However it doesn't stop there, balms are multipurpose and can cover a multitude of aliments. If menthol or camphor is used, it can ease congestion for coughs or colds. Furthermore a balm can help with period pains, stomach complaints, strains, fungal infections, swelling, neck pain, headaches, anxiety, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, sunburn, may help you sleep or boost cognitive function and the list goes on.

At BalmNatural as you can imagine 'we love Balms'. But our focus is the initial benefits they offer for those with dry skin. It’s rich emollients provide a protective layer, providing soft, supple, nourishing and soothing capabilities for all skin types. Designed to moisturise and protect your skin throughout the year and not just the cold winter months.

As a fantastic addition to our  natural Balms, we use aromatherapy fragrant blends and the finest natural botanical oils to help restore balance, uplift moods, release calm, aid sleep, and a general feeling of positivity.  Place on your temples, wrists or behind your ears and breath in the aroma for more relaxing benefits. Find out more about using balms on your pulse points.

Our unscented fragrance free balm is ideal for those with sensitive skin. They don’t contain any essential oils so no allergens are present. This gentle balm is perfect for all the family. For babies and children's delicate skin. Especially for pregnancy and new mums battling with skin changes.