Sustainability - BalmNatural

Building a better tomorrow is important to us. See below how we measure our sustainability at BalmNatural

  1. Water usage - Our Balms don't contain water.  
  2. Supply chain - We work with suppliers that follow sustainable practices within their supply chain.
  3. Product lifespan - Our Balms do not include any preservatives but we use Vitamin E and Rosemary antioxidant where applicable to help increase the lifespan of the Balms. Reducing the need for frequent replacement and additional costs to the customer.


  • Non Toxic materialsOur products are free from harmful chemicals, artificial ingredients ensuring both environmental and consumer safety.
  • Recycled Materials: Our products packaging are fully recyclable. The aluminum lids or glass jars can be recycled. Please check your local recycling centre or waste provider.

By choosing sustainable products and practices, you play a crucial role in making a lasting positive impact on the world.