Pulse Point oil balms

Pulse Balms have amazing aromatherapy benefits, making them ideal to use to help you unwind, relax, sleep, uplift or feel calm. By applying our balms to your pulse points allows the benefits of the natural pure essential oils to absorb faster into your blood stream. 

How to use

Add Natural balm to your pulse points, to benefit from the essential oils and aroma,  BalmNatural

Take a small amount of the Balm and rub your fingers together, to warm and melt the balm. Apply to your pulse points, either your temples, behind the ears, neck, wrist, ankle or arm and slowly massage into the skin.

Inhale deeply to help improve your mood, feel calm or unwind. Great to use for mediation, as a yoga balm, temple balm to help combat headaches or on the go when needed.

 BalmNatural Pulse Point Balms 

We have two Balms at BalmNatural bursting with amazing aromatherapy blends. Ideal for using on your pulse points.  

Pulse Point Oil Balms, BalmNatural

Firstly our Soothing Hand and body Balm has a blend of organic Lavender, Frankincense and Patchouli essential oils. This combination is excellent for calming nerves, relaxation and aiding sleep. Ideal to use right before bed for a great night sleep. Find out more about our Soothing Balm

Secondly the Citrus Hand and Body Balm is uplifting, balancing and invigorating with organic Sweet Orange and Lemongrass essential oils. The Citrus Hand and Body Balm is a positive balm and a great pick me up. Ideal for in the morning or for when you need an afternoon lift. It’s like sunshine in a jar!  Find out more about our Citrus Hand and Body Balm.